Implementing The Public Service Mission of Locast.org

Non-profit translator stations for decades have helped complete the broadcasters’ public interest mission by providing access to their local broadcast programming. That is the same public interest mission Locast.org is bringing to the New York media market—through a 21st century, online digital solution. It’s the same non-profit public mission with modern technology.

Given the public service mission of Locast.org, it only makes sense that we would reach out to the neighborhoods and communities across the five-boroughs, ensuring no one is left behind. Providing universal access to local broadcast stations places the onus on us to spread the word at a grassroots level through community-based organizations serving New Yorkers of all income brackets.

We believe that access to local news content is vital in keeping people informed, engaged and connected to the larger world around them. As part of that effort, Locast.org is including residents of the New York City Public Housing Authority (NYCHA) system and other similar institutions within our sphere of outreach and engagement in New York City.

Our mission is simple: to provide a much-needed service to all New Yorkers and to have an impact. Cord-cutters and cost-sensitive consumers who have trouble receiving an over-the-air signal now will be able to watch local news, weather and sports from their mobile phones or desktop computers with an Internet connection.

We are looking forward to working closely with public-service oriented institutions and civic organizations in the New York City area to bolster the good work already happening in local neighborhoods. Our engagement also incorporates outreach to community boards, elected officials and the de Blasio Administration with the goal of maximizing Locast.org’s reach and impact and to reiterate our commitment to the people of New York City.

Our leadership and board of directors encourage our work in communities that don’t typically get the attention and coverage of traditional service providers.

“As a sports fan and local New Yorker, I believe every sports fan, casual viewer and all New Yorkers in between should have access to local broadcasting,” said Habiba Alcindor, a board member of Sports Fans Coalition NY and daughter of NBA Legend & Hall of Famer Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. “Whether you’re watching the biggest game of the year, looking for your local news or simply tuning into your favorite television show, I truly believe in the public interest mission of ensuring universal access to local broadcast stations for little to no cost.”

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