Replay of BTIG’s Locast Interview

Yesterday, BTIG’s Rich Greenfield (@RichBTIG) and Brandon Ross (@BrandonBTIG) interviewed our Founder David Goodfriend.

In BTIG’s view Locast.org as one of the most disruptive media companies as it offers consumers HD-quality, broadcast television over the Internet for free, as Congress intended.  Unlike Aereo, which was shut down by the Supreme Court (preventing Aereo from utilizing a workaround of the performance right), Locast.org operates under the non-profit exemption for the retransmission of copyrighted works within the US Copyright Act of 1976 (it is funded by donations).  Locast.org uses geo-location to provide service only to consumers within a given DMA who could use a traditional free-to-air broadcast antenna to receive broadcast TV signals. Currently, Locast is available in 17% of US TV households including NYC, Chicago, Boston, Dallas, Houston, Denver, and Philadelphia. Listen to the Interview <Here>

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